Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) is a medicinal herbal plant. This plant comes from Indonesia, especially from the island of Java. Temulawak can grow to more than 1 meter, ladies. This plant is pseudo-trunked, which means that parts of the midrib of the duan grow upright and overlap each other. The leaves and stems are green or brown. Temulawak rhizomes are perfectly formed and strong, these rhizomes are quite difficult to pull from the ground. Usually, the rhizome is reddish, brown, dark yellow, or even dark green.


Curcuma Nutrient Content

A total of 79.96% consists of carbohydrates.

0.80% fiber.

1.52% protein.

1.35% fat.

15 mg/Kg curcumin.

11.45 mg/Kg potassium.

19.07 mg/Kg calcium.

In addition, there are other ingredients that are rarely found in other plants such as phellandren, turmerol, and borneol.


The Benefits of Curcuma for Health

Overcoming Digestive Problems

Increase Body Antioxidants

Overcoming Osteoarthritis

Prevent and help treat cancer

Antibacterial and antifungal

Maintain liver health

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Acne medication