Mangga Podang


Mango Podang

Mango Podang is originally from Indonesia and comes from Kediri, East Java. Yellow skin color with a few red spots near the base of the branch, is the hallmark of mango podang. Its distinctive aroma is appetizing and fresh when approached. It tastes sweet even without sugar. If other mango trees need a fairly large amount of water to be able to thrive, this is different from the mango podang. Mango podang can thrive when the sun is hot. If its plant receives too much water supply, it will actually make it rot and then die. So the harvest period for mango podang is usually done during the dry season. Then what are the nutritional content of mango podang?


Mango Podang Nutrient Content

Its sweet and sour taste makes mango podang rich in vitamin C which is a source of antioxidants. In addition, mango podang is also believed to contain a source of a carotenoid called beta cryptoxanthin. This fruit also contains various nutrients which include protein, fat, sugar, fiber, vitamins (vitamins A, B1, B2, C) and abundant water.


The Benefits of Mango Podang for Health


Prevent cancer

Suppresses Bad Cholesterol