Galangal (Alpona galangal) is a type of rhizome plant (rhizome) that has a natural stimulant, carminative, and vitamin effect for health benefits. Galangal comes from the tropical Asia region; the spread of this plant starts from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and India. The general characteristics of this plant are small leaves and elongated ribbon-like leaves with slightly pointed ends and flowers that have white bunches.


Galangal Nutrient Content

Galangal contains galangin, beta-sitosterol, quercetin, alpine, and other flavonoids that are good for the body. In addition, this spice also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, dietary fiber, and good carbohydrates.


The Benefits of Galangal for Health

Reduce inflammation and pain

Rich in antioxidants

Increase male fertility

Relieve stomach pain and digestive problems

Supports brain health

Potential anticancer

Antibacterial and antifungal

Awaken your appetite

Overcoming rheumatism