Daun Tempuyung


Tempuyung Leaf

Tempuyung (Sonchus arvensis L) belongs to the compositae plant family and usually grows in protected places. The leaves are smooth green with a hint of purple, wavy edges, and irregularly toothed. Near the base of the stem, the toothed leaves are curved to form an indentation and those located at the top hug the stem alternately. The wavy leaves hugging the stem are believed to have a pharmacological effect. Among them: eliminating heat and toxins, diuretics (laxative urine), destroying kidney stones and lowering high blood pressure. In addition, this one herbaceous plant is quite often found around us because it is easy to breed when the flower seeds are carried by the wind.


Tempuyung Leaf Nutrient Content

Tempuyung leaves contain many natural sources that are good for the body, such as: amino acids, polyphenols, protein; alpha and beta-amyrin, lipids, polymeric hydrocarbons, lupeol, pseudo taraxasterol and taraxasterol.


The Benefits of Tempuyung Leaf for Health

Reduce uric acid levels

Cure inflammation

Prevent hypertension

Able to shed kidney stones

Treat burns and bruises

Antitumor and anticancer

Partial hearing loss