Daun Dewa


Gynura Leaf

The Gynura leaf (Gynura Procumbens) has short soft leaf stems in the form of a pentagon and an oval cross section, and is hairy on the outside. This plant comes from Burma (Myanmar) and China, but is also known as Chinese beluntas in some areas in Indonesia. In Indonesia, it is known as a plant that can be used as an alternative medicine for various diseases. One of the most famous benefits of Gynura leaf is that it can cure tumors or cancer.


Gynura Leaf Nutrient Content

In Indonesia, Dewa leaves have been widely used as traditional medicine to cure various mild to severe diseases. The benefits are obtained from the phytochemical content in the leaves of the god, such as alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, and triterpenoids.


The Benefits of Gynura Leaf for Health

Fight cancer cells

Solve skin problems

Anti Inflammation

Treating herpes

Treating hypertension

Treating diabetes