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Javanese Long Pepper

Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum. Vahl), which belongs to the Piperaceae family, is one of the potential herbal medicinal plants. It is a native plant of Indonesia which has been used since ancient times. Javanese long pepper is cultivated in dry land agroecosystem areas with dry climates. This medicinal plant is a garden plant and grows in lowland forests (up to 600m above sea level). In Indonesia, Javanese long pepper are found mainly in Java, Sumatra, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Kalimantan. The main production centers are in Madura (Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, Sumenep), Lamongan and Lampung.


Javanese Long Pepper Nutrient Content

Just like other spices, Javanese long pepper also contains natural nutrients and vitamins that are good for health including alkaloids, free amino acids, beta sitosterol, glycosides, piperine, resins, sugar, saturated fats, essential oils, piperatin, piplartine, piperidine, saponins, polyphenols, linalool, palmitic acid and piperine 4-6% pungent.


The Benefits of Javanese Long Pepper for Health

Overcoming menstrual pain

Help lose weight

Overcoming erectile dysfunction

As an antibacterial

Help maintain health