Buah Naga


Dragon Fruit

According to historical records, dragon fruit has existed in Indonesia since 1977. At that time the Indonesian people had not tried to cultivate it themselves, but were imported from Thailand. Later Indonesia started trying to cultivate dragon fruit for the first time in 2000. Nowadays, dragon fruit cultivation is growing rapidly in Indonesia. One of the largest dragon fruit producing areas is in Banyuwangi. This makes Banyuwangi a center for dragon fruit production, especially in Java.


Dragon Fruit Nutrient Content

In addition to its sweet and refreshing taste, red or white dragon fruit has low calories (about 60 calories) and contains many nutrients including vitamin C, B vitamins, protein, iron, calcium, fiber, phosphorus and high antioxidants. With a variety of nutritional content, dragon fruit is very good for consumption by all ages, both children and adults, even pregnant women.


The Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Health

Helping Lose Weight

Diabetes Prevention

Cancer Antidote

The Secret to Ageless

Body Immunity Enhancer

Good for Pregnant Women