Jati Belanda


Bastard Cedar

Bastard Cedar (Guazuma ulmifolia Lamk, var. Tomentosa Schum.) belongs to the Sterculiaceae plant family. This plant is useful in traditional and modern medicine. Traditionally and modernly, Bastard Cedar Leaves are indeed efficacious in overcoming health problems. Many medicinal products are produced from Bastard Cedar. Generally, Bastard Cedar leaf extract is used for cholesterol control drugs. Bastard Cedar comes from America, then brought by the Portuguese to Indonesia and cultivated in Central Java and East Java.


Bastard Cedar Nutrient Content

Dutch teak leaves are one of the plants that contain alkaloids, carotenoids, flavonoids, musilago, and tannins.


The Benefits of Bastard Cedar for Health

Help treat intestinal worms

Good for skin

Helps reduce asthma symptoms

Rich in antioxidants

Speed ??up wound recovery

Maintain healthy hair